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Cast Iron Plant 1

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior)


Due to its toughness and ability to grow in nearly any conditions, Aspidistras, in their native, Japan, symbolize perseverance and long-life.

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Cast Iron Plants, are native to the subtropical forests of South Japan. They’ve evolved to grow in dark environments in the shade of larger trees. Their ability to tolerate just about any conditions has earned them the near-unkillable status (hence the nickname ‘Cast Iron’ Plant). Like a neglected middle-child, this plant will survive with very little attention. Their resilience and tough-guy vibes have made them popular in East Asian households for centuries for this reason. We’re bringing them to the Middle East now Oh yeah, and did we mention they’re pet-safe too?


Light: Most light conditions

The more its gets, the faster it will grow. However, avoid direct sunlight (especially outdoors) as this should scorch its leaves.

Water: Every 2-3 weeks

Cast Iron Plants like their entire soil to dry out completely between waterings. To check if your Cast Iron Plant is ready to be watered, stick your finger into the soil as deeply as possible. If you feel ANY moisture, at all, then wait longer! If it feels completely dry, then it’s time to rewater your plant: slowly water the soil so that it’s completely saturated – you’ll know it’s fully saturated when water drips out of the drainage holes on the bottom of the nursery pot.

To be extra-sure, you can also stick your finger through the bottom of the drainage holes underneath its nursery pot, to feel for moisture.

Remember, the more light your plant gets, the more you’ll need to water it. Similarly, the less light it gets, the less it will need.

Tip: when checking your soil for moisture, make sure to test different parts of the soil, in case you come across a wet pocket.

Difficulty: Low maintenance
This plant can be fairly picky in terms of light, but if placed in a bright spot and watered when needed, it’ll thrive!

Pets: Completley safe
TThis plant is completely safe and non-toxic to pets.