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Kentia Palm 1

Kentia Palm (Howea Forsteriana)


Historically, palm fronds were gifted to athletes and soldiers as a sign of victory. To this day, communities around the world use palm fronds to symbolize hope, celebration, and victory.

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Native to Lord Howe island to the east of Australia, even though a Kentia Palm is relatively slow-growing, if cared for well, it can eventually growing up to 10 m tall!


Light: Bright indirect sunlight

If your plant is casting a sharp & defined shadow, the light is too hard. We’re looking for a shadow that’s soft and blurred. Harsh sunlight can fade away its colour and scorch its foliage.

Water: Every 1-2 weeks

Like most palms, Kentia palms love slightly moist soil. To check if your palm is ready to be watered, simply touch the top of the soil with your fingertip. If it feels dry, slowly water the soil so that it’s completely saturated – you’ll know it’s fully saturated when water drips out drainage hole on the bottom of the nursery pot.

The more light your plant gets, the more you’ll need to water it. Similarly, the less light it gets, the less it will need.

Difficulty: Low maintenance
Great for beginners. Just find a bright spot to place it in and remember to water it when needed!

Pets: Completley safe
This plant is completely safe and non-toxic to pets.