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White Lime (Aglaonema)


Like Money Trees, Chinese Evergreens are a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. The perfect gift for bringing good luck into somebody’s home.

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A part of the Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) family – with over 40 varieties in different shapes and colours – White Limes are the quiet child of the bunch, known for their minimal white borders and dark green foliage. Don’t take them for granted, through. Compared to its siblings, White Limes are known for being especially tough and easy to care for than most plants. They’re perfect for offices and the homes of plant beginners. Popular East Asian homes, Chinese Evergreens are believed to be a symbol of fortune and wealth.


Light: Bright indirect sunlight

White Limes want a lot of bright indirect sunlight. The more it gets, the more defined its white borders will be, and the darker its green foliage will be.

However, as with all plants, be careful with direct sunlight (especially near untinted windows), as too much will cause the water in your plant’s leaves to evaporate, causing its leaves to curl or burn. This risk of scorching is higher if your plant gets direct sunlight during the middle of the day, when the day is hottest. Either way, keep an eye open for brown scorch marks on your leaves and, if you spot any, move it a few feet further away from your window.

In general, try to avoid more than 1-2 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Pro tip: aglonema are highly tolerant to lower light levels (though they will grow more slowly and wiith less foliage the less light they get). To successfully acclimate your White Lime in a low-light area, start by placing it by a window when you bring it to your home. Then, over the course of 4-5 weeks, as your plant acclimates to your space, you can slowly move it towards the spot with less light.

Water: Every 1-2 weeks

To check if a White Lime is ready for watering, stick your finger ~2 inches into the soil to feel for the moisture. If the soil feels completely dry, you can water your plant again. As with any plant, always make sure to throw any excess water away. Water should never be sitting at the bottom of the pot.

The more light your plant gets, the more you’ll need to water it. Similarly, the less light it gets, the less it will need.

Difficulty: Low maintenance 
White Limes don’t need much beyond adequete sunlight and correct watering. Get its placement right and you’ll find yourself with an easy and highly rewarding plant to care for.

Pets: Careful with pets
This plant may cause mild mouth and stomach irritation if ingested.