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Yucca Tree 1

Yucca Tree (Yucca Guatemalensis)


In the wild, Yucca trees flourish (and flower!) in dry desert zones of Central America. That is where it derives its meaning for perseverance in harsh environments. This plants makes a great gift for encouraging someone who, similarly, is facing a challenging environment.

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This Yucca Tree makes a dramatic statement with its thick trunk and stylish bed hair look. This tree was originally discovered in Guatemala, hence the second part to its name: ‘guatemalensis’. Yucca trees are used to, dry conditions, making them perfect as houseplants in the UAE. Make sure to give it as much light as possible and be careful not to overwater it.


Light: Lots of bright sunlight

Place next to a bright window that gets direct sunlight for that at least 6 hours a day (ideally 8).

Water: Every 2-3 weeks

Yucca plants like their soil to dry out between waterings. To check if your Yucca Plant is ready to be watered, stick your finger into the soil about 2 inches in (upto the second line from your finger tip). If you feel ANY moisture, then wait longer! If it feels completely dry, then it’s time to rewater your plant: slowly water the soil so that it’s completely saturated – you’ll know it’s fully saturated when water drips out drainage hole on the bottom of the nursery pot.

The more light your plant gets, the more you’ll need to water it. Similarly, the less light it gets, the less it will need.

Note: when checking your soil for moisture, make sure to test different parts of the soil, in case you come across a wet pocket.

Difficulty: Low maintenance
This plant can be fairly picky in terms of light, but if placed in a bright spot and watered when needed, it’ll thrive!

Pets: Careful with pets
This plant may cause stomach irritation if ingested